5 Things Mosquitoes Love About You

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes tend to treat some people like they are an all you can eat buffet, while there are other people that they seem to pass up like they aren’t even there? If you’re one of the people that mosquitoes are always attracted to, I’m going to let you in on why they are swiping right when they see you.

1. Scented Products

Smelling good can make you popular with people, but it can also make you popular with Mosquitoes. Perfumes, colognes, lotions, deodorant, shampoo, even laundry detergent. If you can smell it, so can they.


Switch to as many unscented products as possible to stay incognito. If you have signature scents that you love and don’t want to give them up, try a repellent alternative. Spray on repellents usually have a strong chemical smell that will probably clash with your lotions or sprays, but products like this natural patch that you can wear on your clothing will deter mosquitoes without deterring the compliments you get on how good your favorite shampoo smells.

2. Heat

Mosquitoes like it hot. As your body heat goes up, so do your chances of attracting mosquitoes. Your blood vessels also expand and move closer to the skin when your body temperature rises from movement and exercise, which makes you an easier target. Mosquitoes also look for places to lay eggs and seek warmer places to escape cool weather.

“Mosquitoes will hide in entryways because it is easy for them to enter homes when the door opens.”

Michael Merchant, Ph.D., a professor, and Extension Urban Entomologist at Texas A&M University.


Do what you can to keep your body temp down. Such as wearing light weight breathable clothing, drinking ice water, and using air conditioning. Keep it as cool as possible in your home, and make sure to keep unscreened windows and doors closed at all times to prevent the bloodsuckers from entering your home.

3. Water

Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to water because they need it to reproduce. Pools, planters, bird baths, even your body when you sweat, are all open invitations for mosquitoes to come and join the party. Sweating also dilutes mosquito repellents that you spray on your skin, making it easier for them to see you as a snack.


Pools should be covered properly and anything that holds water should be dumped and refilled weekly to prevent them from being used as breeding-grounds. There are several repellent alternatives that can be sprayed on clothes instead of directly on the skin to prevent dilution. A wearable mosquito patch for your clothing would also keep you protected for up to 6 hours without compromising potency when you sweat, and you would have the added benefit of not being covered in chemicals. It’s a Win-Win.

4. Dark Clothing

Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors because it is easier to track movements and see their targets. Animals also tend to take shelter during the day in darker areas like under trees and in shade, so the darker the color, the more attracted they are.


This one is pretty simple, wear lighter clothing 😊 If wearing dark colors is just your thing, or you have a uniform you have to wear and lightening up your wardrobe is out of the question, the other solutions listed in this post will work fine for you.

5. Your Breath

The Carbon dioxide we exhale is probably what mosquitoes are most attracted to. They have sensors that help them detect our breath from far away. So for mosquitoes, the more carbon dioxide the merrier.


Stop breathing!…I’m joking, of course we have to breathe, but whether our breath smells good or bad mosquitoes love it, so less breath is better. Being in groups means there are more people in an area breathing out carbon dioxide and will greatly increase the likelihood of mosquitoes taking notice. We can also do activities that cause us to breathe harder and more frequently, such as exercising, while indoors and allow a cool down period to catch our breath before we head outside. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, be sure not to go around dusk or dawn when mosquitoes are most active, and use all the tips that we gave you. To recap those were: stay as cool as possible, wear light clothing, use unscented products if you can, and wear a safe natural repellent or repulsion device like a patch to make sure your heavy breathing and sweating aren’t attracting any unwanted attention, because having a lot of followers is great, unless those followers are mosquitoes.

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