Kite represents a global effort to develop new products, solutions, tools, methods and technologies. Whatever we create, it will be designed to improve lives and expand what is possible for humans around the world.

Our team of experts who come from a variety of different scientific fields and commercial backgrounds have worked hard to give people the confidence to live and work happier and safer, at home and away.

We discovered a way to achieve our goals without needing to use chemicals like DEET. Our formulas can provide harmless protection for everyone to fight mosquitoes and other insects.

Kite Patch Kitepatch Shield Kiteshield Emollient


It started with an idea and an Indiegogo page. $500k+ and one incredibly successful funding campaign later, we have been researching and developing the Kite technology platform to block mosquito CO2 receptors to allow individuals to live fearlessly in their pursuit of new experiences.

Our collaboration model was supported by ieCrowd, a growing global community of impact investors with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations to market. Our team is growing and eager to make a difference in a world that can benefit from our innovative solutions.

By working with NGOs, we will be able to offer help to those people who need it most, so they can fight back against mosquitoes and other insects.

There’s no stopping us now.


We want to give everyone the freedom to explore the outside world without fear or simply experience more comfortable everyday life.

Our promise is to help people live well, explore more and indulge their curiosity for the world we live in.  Most importantly, we want to help them do this safely and without needing to rely on harsh chemical solutions.

Kite Patch Kitepatch Shield Kiteshield Emollient
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Kite is part of the Olfactor Labs family