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History of Mosquito Control (Infographic)

Kite products is fighting mosquito related illnesses through our Malaria Free World Campaign. We send free natural products to people ...
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Mosquito Season is nearly year-round in Southern U.S.

To quote the popular T.V. series Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming!”. And for the Northern half of the U.S ...
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Dengue Fever Plaguing Florida

Dengue fever has had over 600 reported cases in U.S. states so far this year according to the CDC. In ...
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First sexually transmitted dengue case confirmed in Spain

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Dengue fever is a disease that was thought to only be spreadable by mosquitoes. Having said that, ...
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HIV drug stops Zika infection, strategy could halt infections caused by related viruses

A look at Zika virus Zika virus was previously only a problem in parts of Africa and Asia but is ...
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Researchers find that malaria parasites prepare blueprint to attack humans

Mosquitoes have been the deadliest animal threat to humans since the dawn of man. How much they have changed the ...
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5 Things Mosquitoes Love About You

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes tend to treat some people like they are an all you can eat buffet, ...
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Mosquitoes Carrying Encephalitis Found in Anaheim

We all can agree that mosquitoes are more annoying than noisy neighbors, pop-up ads, and morning traffic combined. Their itchy ...
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Should You Be Concerned When You Itch?

Have you been keeping an eye on what has been in the news lately? In the past two months in ...
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“Lemon Eucalyptus as a Mosquito Repellent?”

The impact of mosquitoes in the United States has become a large-scale issue this season. I have not seen as ...
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Dengue fever warning issued after eleventh case discovered in Miami/Dade

11-27-2019 A Miami-Dade County resident has become the eleventh person to locally acquire dengue fever this year, the Florida Department ...
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