Join us on our mission and be a part of the global eradication of Malaria and the reduction of other mosquito-borne diseases like zika, dengue fever, chikungunya, west-nile virus, Japanese encephalitis and others.

We developed the Kite Malaria-Free-World Campaign in order to continue to bring hope and drive local change to people-groups all around the World. According to the World Health Organization, in 2018 there were over 219 million cases of Malaria in 87 countries.

The executive-management team at OlFactor Laboratories is committed to fulfilling our commitment to assist in the Global effort in eradicating Malaria.


We have created the Kite Malaria-Free-World Campaign, a private-sector humanitarian initiative to support research and on-the-ground efforts by us and our partners to end Malaria.


Come be a part of the Global initiative! with your subscription

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Why We Exist

We’re driven by a desire to change how people from all walks of life interact with their surroundings, whether they’re exploring new places or simply trying to live a safer and more comfortable life. We’re taking a stand against living a compromised life. We’re fighting mosquitoes and other insects for everyone, everywhere.

Kite Products are the result of years of Research and Testing utilizing an innovative “Ento-science” ™ technology that protects people from the nuisance of mosquitos and other biting nuisance insects. Our products are safe and environmentally conscious, meaning you can use them without the risk of harming yourself, your family, and even your pets. Kite is changing the mosquito repellent game.

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Kite is part of the Olfactor Labs family