We’re driven by a desire to change how people from all around the world interact with their surroundings, whether they’re exploring new places, protecting pets they love or simply trying to live a safer and more comfortable life.

The Kite Team continues to be on mission to eradicate Malaria and lower the impact of all mosquito-borne diseases throughout the World. We created the wearable-spatial anti-Mosquito Patch concept and garnered Global attention, with media coverage on five continents. Since the unveiling of our Kite Patch prototype-concept, there have been a few reputable and many more non-reputable companies who have all delivered ineffective copycats and counterfeit ‘Mosquito-Patch’ products to market.

The long-awaited arrival of Kite Products flagship innovation, creation and product! We created the wearable spatial anti-Mosquito Patch concept and garnered global attention. Our research is continually driven by our commitment to help people around the globe to #livefearlessly. Kite Ento-Scientists are disrupting the repellent industry by developing non-toxic, non-insecticide, non-DEET based, earth-friendly formulations to manipulate the smell-neurons and interrupt the inherent sensor arrays specific species use to find humans.

Kite Patch Kitepatch Shield Kiteshield Emollient


From our small Kite patches for spatial repellency that make humans invisible to mosquitoes, to our patented high-tech Kite Active Delivery Systems (KADS) deployed by drones, we spend our time developing new solutions to fix the nuisance-pest problems that face all of us around the world, one way or another.

The Kite Team of Ento-Innovators are developing applications to impact the world even further through our Kite-Ag and Kite-Equestrian research applications. We envision a more environmentally-neutral common-sense application to detoxify the food-supply chain around the World. We are targeting and developing insect-free zones to improve the quality of live-stock and agricultural crops; Kite clean-ranch, Kite clean-barn and Kite-Agri-Field applications are on their way.


Kite Patch is being developed as a lightweight, durable socially-responsible complement to Kite Shield mosquito repellent. As we continue to develop Kite Patch, we seek to protect people, pets and agriculture while posing little to no risk to their health and the environment. We're irrationally passionate that people should stop using toxic poisons and insecticides. We are leading the charge on a revolutionary new way to fight back against the nuisance of mosquitoes to protect people and their families.

Kite Patch Kitepatch Shield Kiteshield Emollient
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Kite is part of the Olfactor Labs family