Mosquitoes Carrying Encephalitis Found in Anaheim

We all can agree that mosquitoes are more annoying than noisy neighbors, pop-up ads, and morning traffic combined. Their itchy bites actually got them voted #1 on TheTopTens list of “Most Annoying Things In Life”. But the bigger problem they present is the diseases that they carry and transmit to humans all around the world.

West Nile virus was enough to worry about, but now the Orange County, California area has an added threat with the recent discovery of Mosquitoes that tested positive for Saint Louis Encephalitis. Saint Louis encephalitis is a disease caused by the mosquito-borne Saint Louis encephalitis virus. Saint Louis encephalitis virus is related to Japanese encephalitis virus and is a member of the Flaviviridae subgroup. OC hadn’t had a problem with this vector-transmitted disease for 30 years prior to its recent reappearance in the area.

Fox 11 News reported that “Mosquitoes collected in Anaheim and Westminster have tested positive for Saint Louis encephalitis — the first occurrence of SLE-positive mosquitoes in those cities in three decades” OC has been SLE free since 1987, but the ankle biters are back for more. There are a few things we can do to make sure we stay safe from the disease and help prevent it from spreading. Residents are being encouraged to focus on [dumping any still water] around their homes to help prevent breeding of infected mosquitoes. For protection when leaving your home, mosquito repellent or repulsion devices, like a patch, should be worn daily with long-sleeved shirts and long pants whenever possible. For more info on safe non-toxic repellent alternatives, and to stay updated on events related to this story click [Here].

Mosquito Protection Checklist; These steps should be taken to help you stay safe and fight against the insect invasion: 1. Apply mosquito repellent or repulsion devices 2. Eliminate Still Water sources to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. 3. Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. 4. Keep doors and windows closed or secured with screens. 5. Share these links and information with neighbors to help keep mosquitoes not only out of your home, but your entire neighborhood.

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