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Kite Products’ mission is to help protect  people from mosquitoes through philanthropic and scientific means

Riverside, Calif., August 4, 2016 - Kite Products recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the company’s first product to market, Kite Shield. Through the crowdfunding campaign, the company not only hopes to protect those who suffer from the annoyance of mosquitoes, but also make a difference in people’s lives through philanthropic efforts with the Malaria No More and This is Our Youth organizations.

Kite Shield is a philanthropic partner with Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization that aims to end the death of individuals infected by Malaria. Together, Kite Shield and Malaria No More want to combat the mosquito through multiple perk levels on Kite Shield’s Indiegogo campaign page. When an individual contributes $110 to the Kite Shield campaign, $50 is donated to Malaria No More; when $250 is contributed, $120 is donated; and when $500 is contributed, $250 is donated, all less third party processing fees.

Kite will be sponsoring This is Our Youth on their “Raft the Amazon” mission to protect and support those who are assisting in the future of our planet. This summer, a group of young explorers and philanthropists will be provided samples of Kite Shield to protect themselves from mosquitoes as they trek through the Amazon. Kite will also be providing the explorers with the necessary funds for satellite internet. This will allow the organization to stay connected and publicize their trip.

“We are going to be sailing across the Amazon River, the largest river in South America with nothing but a few cell phones and cameras. Our only goal is to share the stories that have stayed silenced. With clear minds and the strength to keep the project's purpose, we must show the youth what is happening and what we can do to remedy the issues that plague the Amazon.” - Roberto D. Ortiz, Founder of This Is Our Youth

The “Raft the Amazon” mission is geared toward documenting the deforestation of the Amazon, also known as “The War on Deforestation”, as well as animal agriculture. The travelers will go through the Amazon starting at Coca, through Ecuador and finally to Manaus, Brazil on a bamboo, solar-powered raft.

Currently, interested individuals can back Kite Shield starting at a $20 contribution for a 100ml bottle, including shipping and handling. To learn more about Kite Shield or to contribute, please visit

Kite Products represents a global effort to develop new products, solutions, tools, methods and technologies to fight mosquitoes and other insects. The Kite team of experts come from a variety of scientific fields and commercial backgrounds, united through a desire to protect people, pets and the planet against the nuisance and discomfort of crawling, flying and biting insects in a healthier way.  Our collaboration model is supported by parent company ieCrowd, a growing global community of impact investors with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations to market. Kite Shield is the first product available from Kite Products and Kite Patch is being developed as a lightweight, durable complement to Kite Shield. To learn more about Kite Products, please visit

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