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Kite Products Press Release

Kite Shield, an Environmentally-friendly, DEET-free Mosquito Repellent Spray, Launches a Campaign on Indiegogo

Riverside, California- KiteTM Products today announced the launch of Kite Shield, an effective, eco-friendly, DEET-free mosquito repellent spray with a patent-pending formula that targets mosquitoes’ sensing receptors to create an invisible barrier on the skin. Kite Products aims to help people explore the world without fear of mosquitoes and will bring this innovative product to life with a Kite Shield Indiegogo InDemand campaign.


Kite Shield is made of a proprietary blend of synergistic botanical active ingredients that confuse the mosquitoes’ sensing receptors that guide them towards a food source, preventing them from finding and biting.


“We have worked tirelessly to create a product that provides harmless protection from mosquitoes so people can live a more comfortable life and get out there to explore the world around them,” said Amro Albanna, Kite Products’ CEO.


Kite Shield has undergone third party efficacy validation with Carroll-Loye Biological Research, a recognized leader in insect repellent testing. Kite Shield is proven effective against Culex quinquefasciatus, Aedes aegypti and Anopheles quadrimaculatus mosquitoes.


Kite Products plans to work with NGOs to offer help to those who need protection from mosquitoes most but lack access to them. One organization that Kite is working with is Malaria No More. Kite will be donating a portion of funds received from specific perk levels to the organization to help end malaria.


“We are pleased that the innovative team at Kite has chosen Malaria No More as a philanthropic partner in their efforts to combat the mosquito,” said Managing Director of Resource Development for Malaria No More, Mark Ruffo. Kite is continuously looking for additional partners with the ability to help distribute mosquito protection to underserved peoples and encourages interested organizations to reach out.


Through the Indiegogo InDemand campaign, one 100 ml bottle of Kite Shield can be ordered for a $10 contribution plus shipping and handling. Kite Shield bottles will start shipping in July for use this summer. To learn more or to order Kite Shield, please visit



Kite Products represents a global effort to develop new products, solutions, tools, methods and technologies to fight mosquitoes and other insects. The Kite team of experts come from a variety of scientific fields and commercial backgrounds, united through a desire to protect people, pets and the planet against the nuisance and discomfort of crawling, flying and biting insects in a healthier way.  Our collaboration model is supported by parent company ieCrowd, a growing global community of impact investors with a mission to bring breakthrough health innovations to market. Kite Shield is the first product available from Kite Products and Kite Patch is being developed as a lightweight, durable complement to Kite Shield. To learn more about Kite Products, please visit

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